EP 7 – Illegal Wildcaught Tarantulas – Poaching & Sustainability

A new episode on our tarantula podcast, a topic not often spoken about – the illegal wildcaught tarantula collecting around the globe and some potential misconceptions are discussed in this very podcast episode by Kat & Martin.

Kat has already done a video about that topic on her channel – feel free to watch it here. And tune into our tarantula podcast 🙂

Legal and illegal is more often not the same as ethically correct – there are legal ways to harm a population of a tarantula species quite drastically but at the same time it’s atleast officially monitored. There are quite a few problems which are currently present in the hobby and will arise in the future.

The idea is to get everyone out there thinking about the origin of their tarantula (wildcaught tarantula or not) and find a solution on how to fix these problems. We as a community have to find possible solutions which can be presented and discussed with experts – it’s our duty when we truly care about tarantulas and our hobby.