About Us

The idea of BothWorldTarantulas was born during the first lockdown of the global pandemic where we thought that the idea of an international tarantula podcast would be both valuable and challenging for us – and the worldwide tarantula community. Coming from different worlds, Kat from the United States of America and Martin from Switzerland, Europe – basically the only thing we have in common is our passion for our beloved arachnids. The way we care for them, husbandry-wise, and also our ways of gathering information and connect to the pet tarantula community truly differs – that’s how two worlds can collide and create something more significant – BothWorldTarantulas was born.

Kat – tarantulakat

Kat from tarantulakat presents her husbandry of tarantulas, snakes, and lizards in a charming and educational way to the public. Advising as a beginner to other beginners to share her experience of starting a new hobby is what Kat started with on her YouTube channel. Meanwhile, her dedication to continually improve on her video editing skills and tarantula husbandry, her channel has become a beginner-friendly and informative platform to educate people all around the globe on what to look and improve for when keeping tarantulas as pets.

Make sure to check out her projects on tarantulakat on YouTube and follow her on Instagram at @tarantulakat, which she uses probably way too much according to herself 😉

Martin – birdspidersCH

Documenting tarantulas in their natural living space and breeding tarantula species for the past 15 years, Martin from birdspidersCH brings the scientific vibe to the podcast table. The taxonomy and systematics of tarantulas and their best possible options to care for them in captivity and breed them are just two of the topics Martin is passionate about. 

Make sure to check out his projects on his website birdspidersCH to learn more about the content he produces.